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Schools On Snow For Parents & Guardians

Schools on Snow goes beyond the thrill of sliding down the slopes with classmates. The best day on-hill starts by preparing for more than just the weather. Prepare your child with the right mindset, appropriate gear and an attitude that will get them stoked on skiing and snowboarding.

How-To Have the Best Schools on Snow Day

Preparation is the best way to set your child up for success on the slopes and that starts with the food they eat before heading for the hills. Scroll to learn more.

Outdoor Fun and Education

From science to math, geography to social studies – Schools on Snow supports curriculum objectives for all grades. Valuable lessons tie into an active and engaging day on the slopes!

View the Parent Toolkit

Includes a checklist, answers to FAQ’s and everything you need to get your child excited for the best school day!

Keep the Stoke Going

Has your child experience Schools on Snow and can’t wait to get back on the slopes?
The Canadian Ski Council has programs and products that make skiing and snowboarding accessible, affordable and foster the start of a lifelong love for snowsports.